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Riiyoo & Lil Lee “Unavailable” (Official Video)


Riiyoo & Lil Lee “Unavailable”

Sixx Entertainment presents the emerging duo from Atlanta, GA, Riiyoo & Lil Lee. “Unavailable.” This “Money” Loving anthem is something all those on the grind will find relatable. Options are part of the lifestyle, and when you are out here doing what it takes to stack your money to the ceiling, it leaves you no time for meaningless interactions. If it’s not about money, then we’re Unavailable! The Jay Legion-directed visual for Culture Cinema is on point and is more than enough to satisfy Riiyoo & Lil Lee’s growing fan base. Make sure to stay in tune with Riiyoo & Lil Lee as they prepare an onslaught for release in anticipation of their initial full-length project, “Untitled” Contact: |